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    January 14, 2015 at 8:07 am #903

    Hello again 😉

    I was recently working a lot on improving my blog’s pagespeed (google thinks it’s not fast enough).

    Among other things i discovered that I have to omptimize, there were some things that seem to be related to the theme itself. Maybe you guys can help me if that is really part of the theme or something is wrong with my site 😉

    Some services that check pagespeed mentioned that there are some random redirects on the website. I checked the links and these are youtube videos that are part of my post (post type: video; part of the theme function)

    Another thing is that google pagespeed tool is recommending to improve css / scripts and lots of things they point out is related to theme too (see attached image)

    the blog i mention is this one:

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